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Imprint 4 Super Quick Regular 4 x 50 ml

A-silicone precision impression material offers extraordinarily precise impression results and an extremely short intra-oral setting time. For 1-step tray/wash or 2-step putty/wash technique. All tray materials incl. Putty for automatic mixing and dispensing in the Pentamix system (Pentamix 2 and 3). Very short intra-oral setting time thanks to active self-warming. Sufficient working time for a stress-free procedure. Super-hydrophilicity for excellent flow and finest detail reproduction. Fresh material clolours for enhanced readability. Pleasant minty taste for more patient comfort. Contains 5pcs 50ml Imprint 4 Super Quick Regular Cartridges, 5pcs Garant Mixing Tips yellow and 5pcs 3M ESPE Single-use Intra-oral Syringes green.

Pakendi suurus: 4 x 50 ml

Artiklinumber: MD128217

Tootjakood: 71489

Tootja: 3M

Toode: 3M Imprint 4 Super Quick