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Protemp Crown Promo Kit 1 x 1 pakk

Protemp Crown Temporisation Material is first single-unit, self-supporting, malleable and light curable composite crown. Contains 42 Temporary Crowns in the Sizes: Molar Upper Large (6 x), Molar Upper Small (6 x), Molar Lower Large (6 x), Molar Lower Small (6 x), Bicuspid (Premolar) Upper Large (4 x), Bicuspid (Premolar) Upper Small (4 x), Bicuspid (Premolar) Lower (4 x), Cuspid (Canine) Large (3 x), Cuspid (Canine) Small (3 x), 2 x Crown Size Tools (10 pcs. each), Crown Drawer, Crown Drawer Labels, Technique Guide; 5 Temporary Crowns Molar Lower Small, Crown Size Tool.

Pakendi suurus: 1 x 1 pakk

Artiklinumber: 65429

Tootjakood: 50600SAM

Tootja: 3M

Toode: 3M Protemp Crown