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Express 2 Regular Body Quick 36958 (silikoon jäljendmat) oranz 4 x 50 ml

Designed for both the 1-step and 2-step impression techniques, next–generation Express 2 VPS materials from 3M ESPE help you achieve outstanding impression accuracy and a great fit of the final restoration. Great detail reproduction through superior hydrophilicity and flow behaviour. Distortion-free removal from the mouth due to excellent toughness. Reduced chance of costly remakes due to almost 100% recovery from deformation. Contains 4pcs 50ml Cartridges, 5pcs Garant Mixing Tips yellow and 5pcs Single-use Intra-oral Syringes.

Pakendi suurus: 4 x 50 ml

Artiklinumber: 66507

Tootjakood: 36958

Tootja: 3M

Toode: 3M Express 2 cartridge