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Lava Ultimate CAD/CAM Cerec 14L C2-LT 1 x 5 tk

3M Lava Ultimate Restorative is the world's first resin nano ceramic restorative with the benefits of both glass ceramic and resin materials. Lava Ultimate Restorative gives chairside CAD/CAM dentists better edge quality and smooth margins for a brilliant restoration. It's an advance that improves productivity and creates a better restorative experience for patients. 3M science makes the difference 3M scientists and engineers combined nanotechnology with a proprietary curing treatment to create a unique material with the benefits of both glass ceramics and resins: High flexural strength (2 MPa) Excellent wear resistance, even to opposing enamel Brilliant and long lasting polish. Size 14L, shade C2 Low translucency.

Pakendi suurus: 1 x 5 tk

Artiklinumber: MD119534

Tootjakood: 3314C2LT

Tootja: 3M

Toode: 3M Lava Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative LT bloc for Cerec